11i and R12 Environment Files/Variables Changes Comparison

Introduction:-  Today we are going to learn about environment files/variables in Oracle application.  Before we go a head we must know what is environment variables An environment variable is a vigorous “object” on a computer that reserves a value, which in turn can be referenced by one or more software programs in Windows. Environment variables succor programs know […]

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Oracle Proxy Users

If you have required privileges, it’s possible to connect as a user account without knowing or changing his password. This is called proxy connection. To authorize a user account to connect using a proxy account, use the GRANT CONNECT THROUGH clause of the ALTER USER statement. Consider, we have a Application User called ‘APPUSR‘ and […]

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Steps to change SCAN IP address in RAC

To Change the SCAN IP  address it must be available and need to changes on the DNS by the network admin. So we have SCAN IP address available. Steps: 1. To check the current status SCN IP address on  DNS

2. Check the current status SCAN-VIP in the resource file

3. Request network […]

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Change Listener ports RAC with MGMTDB

In this post, you will know how to change the Listener Port In Oracle RAC. We can change some listener ports from 1521 to 1525 on a RAC. 1. Check the listener status

2. Modify the listener

3. Bounce the listener

4. Change the MGMTDB listener

5. Restart the MGMTDB […]

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ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi]

Recently started seeing this error on few of the RAC environments.

As per metalink this is a known Bug 20987661 – Doc ID 20987661.8

This works until the database is restarted i.e. we’ll have to execute it every time, we restart the database. I’ve seen this in 11204 and 12102 both. As per […]

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ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [ksprcvsp:ksfdread_resilver]

On an Oracle 11204 restart environment, ASM spfile creation failed with error ora-600

Fixed the problem, by adding the disk in ASM diskgroup

Post this change, I was able to create spfile without any issue. Metalink Doc ID 2096227.1

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ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kzsrgpw]

Recently I started getting ORA-00600 error, while I was trying to connect to SQLPlus

This was caused due to a corrupt password file. Re-creating password file fixed the issue.

Metalink Doc ID 1073283.1

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Master Node in Oracle RAC

In this post, I will demonstrate three methods to identify the oracle clusterware’s master node. Please note that clusterware master is different from Resource master in oracle database instance. To know about how to find the resource master, Oracle ClusterWare Master’s  Node information can be found  By scanning ocssd logs from various nodes By scanning  crsd […]

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Upgrading the Grid Infrastructure from to on the command line

Currently I have two node Grid Infrastructure on The node names are node1 and node2:

Now we are extracting the source files for and make necessary folder.

Now we creating the response file for installation of new grid on both nodes.

Now we are installing grid home with response […]

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HugePages for Oracle

If you run a Oracle Database on a Linux Server with more than 16 GB physical memory and your System Global Area (SGA) is greater than 8 GB, you should configure HugePages. For large SGA sizes, HugePages can give substantial benefits in virtual memory management. Without HugePages, the memory of the SGA is divided into […]

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