If you have required privileges, it’s possible to connect as a user account without knowing or changing his password. This is called proxy connection. To authorize a user account to connect using a proxy account, use the GRANT CONNECT THROUGH clause of the ALTER USER statement.

Consider, we have a Application User called ‘APPUSR‘ and it has following objects.

Now consider that you do not know the password for the APPUSR and you have been asked to execute some scripts as APPUSR.

Here is what you can do to accomplish the task.

Create a new user of your choice in the database to which the APPUSR belongs to

Now, you can direct the APPUSR to connect through (via) the new user being created as follows

— Here you can also mention which roles from the APPUSR to use
— alter user APPUSR grant connect through proxy_user with role [role_name];
— If no role is specified all the roles belonging to APPUSR would be inherited

Once the permission is granted to APPUSR to connect through the new user, you can connect to the APPUSR without having it’s own password as follows

— Connect as APPUSR through the proxy user with proxy user’s password

Validate that you are indeed connected as the APPUSR and not as the new user.

— Validate the connected user

— Validate the connected User’s Object. These objects belongs to the APPUSR

Now, you can create objects in the APPUSR (without even knowing it’s password and without resetting it)

— Connect as APPUSR through the proxy user with proxy user’s password

— Check if you can view objects of the APPUSR

— Create a new object

— Connecting as SYSDBA to check and validate the owner for the created object

You can also query the database to get to know which all are the proxy user as follows

— Query the proxy_users table to get the details of proxy user
— PROXY : Name of the proxy user
— CLIENT : Name of the actual user to which the proxy user is mapped
— AUTHENTICATION : Authentication for accessing actual user’s roles
— FLAGS: Display privileges that are inherited from the actual user

To revoke the proxy authentication

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