Oracle ASMLIB v/s Oracle ASM Filter Driver (ASMFD)

Oracle ASM Filter Driver (Oracle ASMFD) is installed with an Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation. If you have an existing Oracle ASM library driver (Oracle ASMLIB) configuration, then depending on whether you want to use Oracle ASMLIB or Oracle ASMFD, consider the following scenarios: If you use Oracle ASMLIB to manage your Oracle ASM devices and […]

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Back Up & Restore an Oracle ASM Password File with pwget Command

In this article we are showing how to backup and restore password file of Oracle ASM with pwget command. pwget Purpose Returns the location of the password file for the Oracle ASM or database instance. pwcopy Purpose Copies an Oracle ASM or database instance password file to the specified location. pwset Purpose Sets the location […]

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Different ways to find spfile location in Oracle RAC

1. By using SqlPlus

2. By using ASMCMD find command

3. By using spget command

4. By using crsctl command

5. By using gpnp tool Note: mostly used when ASM is not up.

6. From alert.log

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Use spget and spmove command in Oracle ASM

Starting with ASM version 11.2, the ASM spfile can be stored in an ASM disk group. Indeed, during a new ASM installation, the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) will place the ASM spfile in the disk group that gets created during the installation. New ASMCMD commands To support this feature, new ASMCMD commands were introduced to […]

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Rename Empty Diskgroup on ASM 11gR2

The goal here is to rename the DATA diskgroup to DG_PROD_DATA – here is the situation before the rename operation :

1) First of all, the desired diskgroup needs to be dismounted (from each node if this is a RAC configuration):

2) Verify that the desired diskgroup was dismounted:

3) Then execute the rename […]

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Quorum failure group in Oracle ASM

Voting files manage information about node membership. OCR is a system that manages cluster and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) database configuration information. A quorum failure group is a special type of failure group and disks in these failure groups do not contain user data. A quorum failure group is not considered when determining […]

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Upgrade Oracle Grid and Database ( to

This article is about upgrade of oracle database

Download the 9413827 or 9706490 patch from oracle support and get apply

Below are attachment to findout patch steps. Now we can update the grid home and oracle home from to .

1) check the pre-req before upgrading the grid home […]

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Converting Standard to Flex Cluster

Introduction Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) is a well-known product among Oracle’s solutions to maintain high availability of your business data. Oracle RAC allows the work load to be shared among all the cluster nodes, with N-1 tolerance configuration in case of node failures, where N is the total number of nodes. Oracle RAC is […]

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Converting Standard to Flex ASM

Today we are going to have a look on converting a standard cluster to flex cluster. I wish this information is useful for you.Oracle Flex Clusters contribute a platform for Oracle Real Application Clusters databases with stupendous numbers of nodes, to support massive parallel query operations. Oracle Flex Clusters also provide a platform for other […]

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File Group in a Flex Disk Group

I must thank my fellow DBA Franky Weber Faust for his publication in his blog. In the goal here is to know a bit more about the Flex Disk Group. Let’s see here what a File Group is. In a Flex Disk Group we can separate our databases, be they PDBs, CDBs or non-CDBs, in different File Group. Each […]

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