Recover from a loss of a temporary tablespace

This article is about a recovery of temporary tablespace. As we know that Temporary tablespaces are used to manage space for database sort operations and for storing global temporary tables. For example, if you join two large tables, and Oracle cannot do the sort in memory (see SORT_AREA_SIZE initialization parameter), space will be allocated in […]

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Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services

Oracle Corp. today announced the general availability of its new Bare Metal Cloud Services, which the company is billing as the next generation of its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). The new IaaS product provides a “bare metal” cloud — servers with no Oracle software running on them — in a virtualized network environment that delivers high performance Database-as-a-Service […]

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Recover from a loss of a read-only tablespace

Being an Oracle DBA we are aware that there are many types of backups are available for Oracle database maintenance in the same way we have multiple ways to restore our database. One question raises here that why do we need have a different kind of ways to backup and recovery in Oracle database? Answer of this question […]

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MAX_STRING_SIZE Parameter In Oracle 12c

This parameter was introduced in Oracle 12c. MAX_STRING_SIZE controls the maximum size of string size in Oracle database. Either we can set it to STANDARD or.EXTENDED The default value is STANDARD MAX_STRING_SIZE = STANDARD means the maximum size of strings is 4000 bytes for VARCHAR2 and NVARCHAR2 MAX_STRING_SIZE = EXTENDED means maximum size can be upto 32767 byte . We can change the value of MAX_STRING_SIZE from STANDARD to EXTENDED. But not from EXTENDED to STANDARD. With MAX_STRING_SIZE set to STANDARD , […]

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Switchback to the original location of the previously corrupted/damaged datafile

In this article, we are going to have look on How to switch back to the original location of the previously corrupted/damaged/lost/canceled datafile.

As you can see the datafile of USERS tablespace is currently located in the flash recovery area. And there is no USERS datafile on the location where other datafiles are.

First […]

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