In this article, we are going to have look on How to switch back to the original location of the previously corrupted/damaged/lost/canceled datafile.

As you can see the datafile of USERS tablespace is currently located in the flash recovery area. And there is no USERS datafile on the location where other datafiles are.

First thing to do is to copy your datafile using the format clause, specifying where you want to create your datafile copy.

Now you have to switch to your new datafile location, putting that datafile offline.

Switch to your current datafile copy. RMAN knows exactly where it’s located.

Recover your datafile because many transactions could be occurred between your “backup as copy datafile” command and putting your datafile offline.

Let your datafile be available to all the users again.

Let’s see what the report schema command says now:

As you can see now in the default location of all datafiles of my database there’s also the new USERS datafile.

Now it’s time to create a new image copy in the flash recovery area of the USERS datafile. Let’s see the current situation:

Issue the familiar “backup as copy” command to create a new image copy.

Your “list copy” command shows now another available image copy of your USERS datafile.

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