Recover a corrupted/damaged NON-SYSTEM datafile switching to an image copy when database in ARCHIVELOG mode

This article is about recovery of corrupted/damaged/lost/canceled NONSYSTEM datafile switching to an image copy when database in ARCHIVELOG mode. We must have an image copy of my datafiles: The following command is use to take copy.

Now let’s simulate a lost datafile of a NONSYSTEM tablespace

The RMAN report command is no more able […]

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How to recover a corrupted/damaged NON SYSTEM datafile when database in ARCHIVELOG mode

We are going to have a session on recovery about corrupted/damaged/lost/canceled NONSYSTEM datafile (except system & sysaux).  Before proceeding to be sure to have a complete backup of your test database and be sure your database is in ARCHIVELOG mode.

And it’s in ARCHIVELOG mode

Connecting through RMAN I can receive information about […]

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Backup a database in non-archivelog mode without recovery catalog

This article is about the backup of an Oracle database. As DBA we are well known about the types of backup.  Mainly we have two kind of backups in Oracle database first one is physical and another one is logical.  Each type of backups is important in Oracle database’s life maintenance. It depends on projects and client’s requirements that what kind of […]

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Restore a NON-ARCHIVELOG database using a backup controlfile

Being a DBA we must have knowledge on all kind of situation come across database’s life maintenance. We all are aware that CDR  (Controlfile, Datafile, Redologfile) plays a most important role in Oracle database. With the help of backup, we can restore the database . In this article, we are going to learn about the recovery from controlfile in noarchivelog mode. […]

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Restore a NOARCHIVELOG database using current control file

We are going to have a look at recovery in Oracle database.  it’s time to cause a fault in the database so we need to recover it. The scenario is the following: what does it happen and how can I recover a database in NOARCHIVELOG mode when a disk failure occurs and I lost my current […]

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Oracle Licenses

Despite reams of legalese and countless blog/forum posts, basic Oracle RDBMS licensing still remains a mystery to many. While I won’t even begin to discuss components like Oracle Apps, hopefully this post may help you attain a basic understanding of Oracle, what you can license, and what it costs. Editions The first and most important […]

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Oracle Cloud (DBaaS): How to become OCP & OCM Cloud!!!

This article was written by Skant Gupta and Joel Perez in Oracle OTN. Hi everyone If you are reading this article could be for several reasons..: 1.- Perhaps you have asked me or asked to my colleague Skant Gupta the typical question “How to become OCP & OCM Cloud?” 2.- Perhaps you have found this […]

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An Introduction of Virtualization in Oracle RAC

To provide best solutions to business issues in any organization has to set up its infrastructure. In the world of technology, business focus on it’s better setup of IT departments. Day by day new technology introduces by the champions of IT. New requirements of clients demand new technology as soon as possible. For providing better services organizations […]

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How to encrypt the data using Oracle Wallet

Introduction:- Today we are going to learn about encryption in Oracle. Oracle database has the unique feature to secure data from the data loss. As we get a hint from the word encryption that means the process of converting information or data into code, especially to prevent unauthorized access. Rising security threats, expanding compliance requirements, consolidation, and cloud […]

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