KST tracing in Oracle

KST tracing is an in-memory tracing feature for Oracle RDBMS Database Server, this is similar to on-disk (KSD) tracing except it is stored in SGA. For on-disk tracing, we have many events like 10046 (sql_trace), 10053 (sql_optimizer), etc. Different to these on-disk tracing, KST tracing use a cyclic buffer in the SGA and we won’t […]

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Oracle 18c: “Oracle 18c and its impact on DBAs”

This article was written by Skant Gupta and Joel Perez in Oracle OTN. If you want to be updated with all our articles send us the Invitation or Follow us: Joel Perez’s LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/SirDBaaSJoelPerez Skant Gupta’s LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/skantali/ or Join our LinkedIn group: Oracle Cloud DBaaS   “DBAs will be fired.. ? It’s the end of DBAs because of the […]

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Generate Custom Report From OEM Cloud Control

REPORTING module can be used in OEM cloud control to generate custom reports like database status report of all target databases. Repository database contains all the target details and metric information. So the best way is to run a query against the repository database. Here we have provided steps for generating database consolidation report ENTERPRISE […]

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EMCLI Command – OEM 12C

This post is about the commands which is used by Oracle DBA during using OEM 12c. EMCLI – Enterprise Command Line Interface. Though Managing OEM cloud control from GUI is easy. Few people like to use emcli command line tool. Here I have listed few useful commands. 1. Login to syman

2. SYNC OMS […]

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Exadata x7-2 with Cell Storage 18c

Continuing to raise the bar for enterprise-class database platforms, today Oracle announced the next-generation Oracle Exadata X7 with significant hardware and software enhancements in overall performance, storage capacity, network bandwidth, and automation. Exadata x7-2 delivers extreme performance and reliability to run the largest, most business-critical database workloads. Oracle Exadata is an Engineered System designed to be the […]

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Monitor Goldengate From OEM 12c Cloud Control

This article is about the steps which we use to monitor goldengate from OEM 12c Cloud Control. We can monitor goldengate processes like a manager, extract and replicate and also the lag from OEM 12c cloud control. We need three main things. Goldengate plugin to be deployed on the management server Goldengate plugin to be deployed […]

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Migrate OMS Repository DB To Another Host In OEM 12C/13C

This article about the steps which we use to Migrate OMS repository DB to another host in OEM 12c/13c. If you are planning to move your OMS repository database from the existing host to a new host, then follow below easy steps. In the below example we will migrate the repository database from host01 to […]

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ORA-06512: At “SYSMAN.EM_SELF_UPDATE” While Installation 12c Cloud Control

Let’s have look on Oracle error ORA-06512 in 12c Cloud. Below we have mentioned the steps which are used to solve this issue. We got below error while installing OEM 12c Cloud control.     Error:

Solution: Login to repository database and execute below commands.

Now retry the installation, It should complete successfully. Please read […]

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Agent Clone Failed Exit Code:1 in Oracle OEM

When we talk about cloud we face issues. In this article we are going have a look at issue during deploying agent in one of the target server for OEM 12c cloud control, got error like Agent Clone Failed Exit Code:1. Solution: Get the inventory location

Go to inventory location, check the permissions on the […]

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Deinstall Management Agents

We pay lots of attention on installation. As we know both things play an important role either is it installation or uninstall. Now we are going to have look on steps which are used to uninstall Management Agents. Below are the steps for Deinstall/Decommission Management Agents in Oracle 12c cloud control. Shutdown the Agent: SETUP – > […]

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