This article about the steps which we use to Migrate OMS repository DB to another host in OEM 12c/13c.

If you are planning to move your OMS repository database from the existing host to a new host, then follow below easy steps.

In the below example we will migrate the repository database from host01 to host02


1. Agent needs to be deployed on the new host

2. Same version of ORACLE RDBMS binary need to be installed on target( same as that of source)


1. Check the OMS repository configuration:[ on OLD HOST]

2. Stop the OMS [ on OLD HOST ] 

3. Clone the database to new host

We have used rman active cloning for cloning the database.

Refer the link for complete steps – Click Here

Else other cloning methods like hot backup or cold backup method can be used.

4. Now update the OMS repository configuration with new connection string

5. Shutdown the database [ on OLD HOST]

6. Restart the OMS  

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