In this post, we can use GitHub reposirotry to fetch the repos and then be installing the Oracle Database 18c.  GitHub must be installed for this feature prerequisite.

In your VM or Bare Metal, check the status and version of GitHub if it is installed.

As GitHub is not configured, we use YUM to install it with root user and recheck for GitHub version.

In the next step, we need to clone repos from GitHub under the home directory of the root user.

In the last step, we need to change the permission of a particular file and run it which will perform the following things:

  • Installing required RPMs
  • Configure Oracle user and groups
  • Download the binaries
  • Creating the default directories for Oracle Database
  • Installing the Oracle Software
  • Removing the setup files to save the FS space
  • Installing the default Oracle Database (ORCL18) with one PDB
  • Configure listener and tns entries

In the end, it will show you a status of the database.

Note: It is tested on RHELv 6,7  and OEL v6,7 only.

Database Name: ORCL18 with one pluggable database PDB18C has default password Welcome_1.

This concept of Oracle Database with GitHub used development, training and learning purpose. We can not recommend using in Production.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.

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