Loading a Data from csv into ADWC

In this post, you will load data from a csv file into ADWC. Note: we already have table.csv for our testing. Now, we open the SQL Developer and connect with NEWADW connection which is already save in SQL Developer. SQL Developer ADWC Right-click “Tables,” and then click “Import Data.” Click “Browse” and locate the channels.csv […]

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Creating an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage Bucket

In this post, you will create a storage bucket using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage. We assume that you must have OCI account with valid credentials and compartments. Launch the web browser and Log into your assigned OCI account. Expand the Hamburger menu and select “Object Storage” or alternatively, click on “Object Storage” on […]

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Upgrade Database from Oracle 11gR2 to Oracle 19c

Here I would be discussing how to upgrade Oracle 11gR2 ( database to Oracle 19c ( on the same server. This upgrade process was done on Oracle Linux 7.6 (x86_64). I used DBUA (Database Upgrade Assistant) to perform this upgrade. DBUA is also a recommended way to perform the upgrade as it would automate almost everything for you. You should be able to […]

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Refreshing Materialized Views (mv_refresh)

To upgrade from Oracle 11gR2 to Oracle 18c/19c, we need to refresh materialized views. Oracle recommends that all materialized views (MV’s) are refreshed before upgrading the database because this will clear the MV logs and the sumdelta$ table, and make the UPGRADE process faster.

Stay tuned for more articles on Oracle 19c  Thank you for giving your valuable […]

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Creating the Database 19c on- premise

After installing Oracle 19c home, now we are going to create to database on-premise. Run the DBCA after setting the Oracle Home.

Select Database type as Oracle Single Instance database. Provide the database name as SID. Use the default template. Check the enable archiving if you want enable archive log mode. Create a new […]

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Installing Oracle 19c Binary on OEL 7.6

In this post, we are installing Oracle 19c binaries on OEL 7.6. First, we need to download the software then unzip it on oracle home and start runInstaller from the software location.

Select a “Set Up Software Only” and click next. Select on “Single instance database installation” and click on next. Select on “Enterprise […]

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More New Features in Oracle Database 19c

The following are changes in Oracle Installation for Oracle Database release 19c. Root Scripts Automation Support for Oracle Database Installation Rapid Home Provisioning (RHP) Name Change Starting with Oracle Database 19c and Oracle Grid Infrastructure 19c, Rapid Home Provisioning is renamed to Fleet Patching and Provisioning (FPP). The following are changes in Oracle Database Data Warehousing for […]

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New Features of Performance Tuning in Oracle Database 19c

The following are changes in Oracle Database Performance Tuning for Oracle Database Release 19c. Memoptimized Rowstore – Fast Ingest Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) support for pluggable databases (PDBs) The following are changes in Oracle Database In-Memory for Oracle Database release 19. Database In-Memory wait on populate Big Data and performance enhancements for In-Memory external tables Hybrid partitioned […]

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