Move table online in Oracle 12.2

In previous Releases, To move a table to a different tablespace or segment, we need to take downtime for this activity And after moving the table, we have to rebuild/recreate the indexes. Now with Oracle 12.2, We can move the table online to a different segment or tablespace, without impacting the DML activities and without […]

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DBMS_TNS package for tnsping in database Oracle 12.2

DBMS_TNS package provides the RESOLVE_TNSNAME function to resolve a TNS name and return the corresponding Oracle Net8 connection string.When you connect locally to the server (no SQL*Net, no listener), the Oracle session inherits the client environment.   It is available on oracle 12.2 Release . The DBMS_TNS package contains one function, RESOLVE_TNSNAME, which returns the […]

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Read only Partition in Oracle 12.2

Till now we can make a table read only, But what about setting few partitions of a table to read-only. Thanks to Oracle 12.2 Release, We can do this. This is usually helpful, If requirement is to make the historical data not editable.


If you […]

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Split partition online oracle 12.2

In Oracle 12.2, We can split partitions or subpartitions online without impacting the DML statements.

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Local/Shared Undo mode in oracle 12.2 multitenant database

There are two undo modes in oracle 12.2 Multitenant database 1. Local undo mode 2. Shared undo mode Local undo mode: In this mode, each container ( i.e PDB ) in multitenant will have their own active undo tablespace. Share Undo mode: In this mode, There will be only one undo tablespace for the instance. […]

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raccli create backup

The create backup subcommand of the raccli creates a backup of the configuration files, inventory configuration files, Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database home, database, and tooling metadata of an Oracle Database Cloud Service database deployment that uses Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC).

-tag tag-name : The name of the backup job. This is not […]

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raccli clean backup

The clean backup subcommand of the raccli utility deletes any unnecessary backups or backup pieces as determined by the backup configuration’s recovery windows for local and cloud backups.

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raccli Utility

The raccli utility is provided on Oracle Database Cloud Service deployments that use Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) to perform a variety of life-cycle and administration operations. Using the raccli utility, you can perform operations like: Backing up the database Recovering the database from a backup Changing configuration of automatic backups Patching the Oracle Database, […]

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Upgrading Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11gR2 to 12cR2

Here I would be discussing how to upgrade Oracle 11gR2 ( Grid Infrastructure to Oracle 12cR2 ( on the same server. This upgrade process was done on Linux 6 (x86_64). 1. Before the GI upgrade backup the OCR manually. This could be used in downgrading the GI from to later one. If you […]

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