This article is about the backup of an Oracle database. As DBA we are well known about the types of backup.  Mainly we have two kind of backups in Oracle database first one is physical and another one is logical.  Each type of backups is important in Oracle database’s life maintenance. It depends on projects and client’s requirements that what kind of backup must be taken. This article gives you information of backup while our database is in no archive log mode. Keep point in your mind that normally in the daily life of business our database is always in archive log mode and being responsible Oracle DBA it is our responsibility to keep the database in archive log mode. In normal life, Without a backup of anything, we can not restore same rule for the journey of the database, Let’s take a look at real life scenario of backup of the database in non archive-log.

I suggest also to configure the NLS_DATE_FORMAT environment variable: it’s useful when you want to know from RMAN the exact date including time format a problem occurred. By default, RMAN displays only the date.
Our database id is  ORCL , no NLS variable sets. the database in  Noarchivelog mode.



What does it happen when we  backup database when it’s open and in NOARCHIVELOG… ?Here we are not using  recovery catalog for these examples as you may have look on it.

As you can easily read from the RMAN log put on screen you… “ORA-19602: cannot backup or copy active file in NOARCHIVELOG mode”.

Note also that some logs (Starting backup at 15-JUL-12) write the date and it doesn’t show any time information. So let’s first set the NLS_DATE_FORMAT environment variable to the right value

To backup a database in NOARCHIVELOG mode you have to shutdown it first, open in mount mode and only then you can start your backup process.

How can I see my backup on RMAN ? Use just the following command:

I hope this information is useful for you.


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