Being a DBA it is your key responsibility to set a proper backup strategy. Today we will see how we can schedule backup :

Step 1 : Create script to take backup , Here I have created linux shell script

Check above backup script , I have used quite a few RMAN parameters to make a proper backup script like maxpiecesize , backup of current controlfile , deletion of obsolete backups etc

Lets run this file to check it works correctly.

Let’s check output in log file , as we can see in backup script , backup log will be restored in /u01 directory with current date.

So go to /u01 directory and check backup log.

Step 2 : Schedule backup , either we can schedule it using Operating system scheduler or Oracle Database Scheduler. Here I have created a job to schedule backup :

Here I have created the job which will run daily from today onwards. My job schedule name is BKP_SCHEDULE . Let’s check in Data Dictionary views that it is scheduled or not.

We can see here it is scheduled.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.

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  1. Ravin Maharaj

    Hi, What if I have more than one database to backup? Is it possible to create a generic shell script where I can pass the Oracle SID through to the shell script and then schedule the backup via dbms_scheduler

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