We have seen an ERROR in the opening database. let’s recover it.

Step 1: Connect to the database and start the database using STARTUP command

We can see in the above output database is unable to open . And it threw an error that it cannot identify/lock data file 13.

Step 2: Let’s make it offline

oops..!! It gave me an error as this file does not belong to the CDB database. It belongs to the pdb database. Let’s change session to the pdb database and make it offline.

Step 3: connect to pdb and try to drop it.

Step 4: Again change session to CDB$ROOT and try the opening database

Step 5: Try opening the pdb database

Step 6: Change the current session to the pdb database

Step 7: Drop test tablespace

This is how we can recover the database if there will the loss of any data file and your database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode

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