This post is about the steps which use restore from a loss of all current control files to a non-default location using a backup piece.

First of all just create a location outside the flash recovery area where to save the backup piece containing the current control file:



Now it’s time to create the backup piece with the current control file.

In your local directory RMAN was able to create your backup piece as written in the above log and as you can verify moving through those directories:

Let’s simulate the loss of all current control files.

Instance is still running, so I have to kill it.

Under my non_default_location directory I will restore the control file: currently it’s empty.

Use RMAN to connect to your target instance.

Use the following RESTORE CONTROLFILE command to get the control file backup from your backup piece and restore it to your non default location:

After the restore process finishes you can find the control file under non_default_location directory

Instance is still not able to go to the next mode because it doesn’t know where restored control file is located.

Use sqlplus to connect the instance …

… have a look at the control_files initialization parameter written in spfile

… and modify it according to your new control file location.

.. and start it again in MOUNT mode using RMAN.

You have to perform a recovery of the database after the restore of the control file, even if any datafile was restored.

After the restore of the control file you have to open the database with RESETLOGS option.

If you want to come back to the original settings because the original location is available again, you have to modify again the control_files initialization parameter value.

Set the control_files parameter to the original configuration:

Copy your current control file to the original locations:

Connect to the instance…

… and start it

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