Remove OLAP for Oracle 18c

To upgrade from Oracle 11gR2 to Oracle 18c, we need remove OLAP. Remove OLAP Catalog by running the SQL script $ORACLE_HOME/olap/admin/catnoamd.sql script.

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Remove EM for Oracle 18c

To upgrade from Oracle 11gR2 to Oracle 18c, we need to Enterprise Manager. Copy the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/emremove.sql script from the target ORACLE_HOME into the source ORACLE_HOME. Step 1: If database control is configured, stop EM Database Control, using the following command

Step 2: Connect to the database using the SYS account AS SYSDBA […]

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Flow Chart and Upgrade Paths for Oracle Database 18c

You can perform a direct upgrade to the new release from the following releases: and and The path that you must take to upgrade to the latest Oracle Database release depends on the release number of your current database. If your current Oracle Database is a release earlier than, […]

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Installing Oracle 18c Binary on OEL 6.3

In this post, we are installing Oracle 18c binaries on OEL 6.3. First, we need to download the software and start runInstaller from software location. Select a “Set Up Software Only” and click next. Select on “Single instance database Installation” and click on next. Select on “Enterprise Edition” and click on next Put the Oracle […]

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Display the sql_id for a query in Oracle 18c

The SET FEEDBACK command has an SQL_ID option to display the sql_id for the currently executed SQL or PL/SQL statements. The sql_id will be assigned to the predefined variable SQL_ID. Displays the number of records returned by a script when a script selects at least n records. SQL_ID returns the sql_id for the SQL or PL/SQL […]

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SET LINESIZE window in Oracle 18c

Sets the total number of characters that SQL*Plus displays on one line before beginning a new line. WINDOW adjusts the linesize and pagesize for the formatted output according to the width and height of the screen. If the output is longer than the screen width, then the output is wrapped accordingly

To dynamically change […]

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