Starting with Oracle Database 18c, you can configure an Oracle home in read-only mode.

In a read-only Oracle home, all the configuration data and log files reside outside of the read-only Oracle home. This feature allows you to use the read-only Oracle home as a software image that can be distributed across multiple servers.

Apart from the traditional ORACLE_BASE and ORACLE_HOME directories, the following directories contain files that used to be in ORACLE_HOME:


Benefits of a Read-Only Oracle Home

  • Enables seamless patching and updating of Oracle databases without extended downtime.
  • Simplifies patching and mass rollout as only one image need to be updated to distribute a patch to many servers.
  • Simplifies provisioning by implementing separation of installation and configuration.


To print the ORACLE_BASE_HOME path, run the orabasehome command from the $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory:

View the contents of the orabasetab file.

Enabling a Read-Only Oracle Home

View the contents of the orabasetab file.

Disabling a Read-Only Oracle Home

View the contents of the orabasetab file.

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