What is snapshot standby:

Snapshot standby is a feature in Oracle 11g that allows doing a read-write operation on the standby database.  i. e we can convert the physical standby database to snapshot standby. On that, we can do all types of testing or can be used as a development database (which is an exact replication of production ). Once the testing is over we can again convert the snapshot database to physical standby. Once it is converted physical standby database, whatever changes were done to the snapshot standby will be reverted.

Cancel the recovery process:

Enable flashback mode:

Now the below command will convert it to snapshot standby

Let’s do some DML changes in this snapshot standby

We can see we are able to do write operation on snapshot database also.

Let convert it again to physical standby again.

Let’s check whether DML changes we did previously has been reverted or not.

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