Oracle Data Guard Switchover in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

To  view how to configure Data Guard in OCI please check  Configuring Data Guard in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Assumptions: Oracle Data Guard is configured in OCI and it is up, running and synchronized. You can check the dgmgrl configuration before starting switchover by login to the server using Public IP. You can see SKANTORC_iad19m […]

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Configuring Fast-Start Fail Over

We have seen overview and prerequisites of fast-start failover in the previous post. Fast Start Failover in Data Guard Steps to configure fast start fail over . Step 1 : Connect to dgmgrl and check the configuration

Step 2 : set faststartfailovertarget property.

Step 3 : set protection mode if not already set […]

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Convert Physical Standby To Snapshot Standby Database

What is snapshot standby: Snapshot standby is a feature in Oracle 11g that allows doing a read-write operation on the standby database.  i. e we can convert the physical standby database to snapshot standby. On that, we can do all types of testing or can be used as a development database (which is an exact […]

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How to apply PSU patch on standby database

To apply psu patch on  physical standby database setup, 1st patch need to be applied on standby, and then on primary. Below are the steps.  Download patch from oracle support. Check the database_role for both dbs PRIMARY> select database_role from v$database; DATABASE_ROLE —————- PRIMARY STANDBY> select database_role from v$database; SDATABASE_ROLE —————- PHYSICAL STANDBY 2.Run below […]

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ORA-01274: cannot add data file

PROBLEM: After adding a datafile in primary database, recovery process in standby stopped with below error. — Primary database:

— Error in alert log of standby database File #5 added to control file as ‘UNNAMED00005’ because the parameter STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT is set to MANUAL The file should be manually created to continue. MRP0: Background Media Recovery terminated […]

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Roll Forward Physical Standby Database using RMAN incremental backup

There would be scenarios where the standby database lags far behind from the primary database leading to Archive Gap. It could be due to one of the following reasons 1.  Might be due to the network outage between the primary and the standby database leading to the archive gaps. Data guard would be able to detect […]

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