After adding a datafile in primary database, recovery process in standby stopped with below error.

— Primary database:

— Error in alert log of standby database

File #5 added to control file as ‘UNNAMED00005’ because
the parameter STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT is set to MANUAL
The file should be manually created to continue.
MRP0: Background Media Recovery terminated with error 1274
Fri Feb 10 12:19:57 2017
Errors in file /oracle/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/noncdb1/STDBY/trace/STDBY_pr00_24003.trc:
ORA-01274: cannot add data file that was originally created as ‘/archive/NONPLUG/NONCDB/NONCDB/datafile/o1_mf_prim_d9v1fq7k_.dbf’
Managed Standby Recovery not using Real Time Apply
Recovery interrupted!
Recovered data files to a consistent state at change 13111955


This issue happens, when the standby_file_management parameter is set to MANUAL in standby database. So when a datafile is added in primary database, standby database is unable to process it. To fix it follow the below process

1. Check the standby_file_management parameter in the standby database.

2. Cancel the recovery:

3. Check the file, which caused the issue:[ STANDBY]

4. Recreate the datafile as below [ STANDBY ]

If you dont have OMF files, then get the exact datafile name from primary and recreate.

5. Set standby_file_management to AUTO, to avoid similar issue in future

6. Start recovery in standby database


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