In this article, we can upgrade the 11g database to 12c with the help of DataGaurd

Primary DB Name Standby DB Name Database Version Upgrade Version

Step 1: Install binaries on both Primary and Standby Server.

Step 2: Shut down Primary Database.

Step 3: Shut down Standby Database.

Step 4: At standby database server copy init file and password file to new home

Step 5: Copy listener.ora and tnsnames.ora file to new Oracle home

Step 6: Change an oracle_home value in a listener.ora file

Step 7: Start database in mount stage  with new home exported

Remember database is not still upgraded so trying open database will result in the following error :

Step 8: Upgrade Primary database with DBUA

Select a database and click next.

We can check more details by selecting a particular prerequisite and clicking on more details.

It shows we can remove em repository prior to up gradation. Run emremove file to remove em repository.

After successful removal of em repository click next.

select checkbox according to your requirement or keep them default and click on next.

Click on next.

Click on next.

Select listeners, you want to migrate to new Oracle home and click next.

Select backup policy in case of upgrade failure and click on next.

Check database upgrades summary and click on Finish Button.

Check progress of upgrade .  .  .  .  .

Once an upgrade is finished you can see upgrade results.

After successful completion of  Primary database upgrade. Start recovery on a standby database.

Standby database will be upgraded through redo apply.

After completion of all redo apply we can open a database in open mode.

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  1. Paul

    Hi, thank you for your article. Note that the error ORA-00904 is not well-explained on MOS.
    How (when!) did you start the standby? I think that we need to copy listener/tnsnames and the spfile/pwd file there too, and startup mount after the upgrade of primary succeeded???


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