The logical standby database is in Read-Write mode means a fully updatable mode. A database can be accessed and potential data may be changed. So Oracle data guard provides a lock. We can configure GUARD on the database at a different level according to our requirement.

Logical Standby Database Creation

A user access can be controlled with GUARD.

We can enable GUARD with ALTER DATABASE GUARD [ALL | STANDBY | NONE] command.

There are three level for GUARD.

  1. ALL: We can use ALTER DATABASE GUARD ALL  statement. It prevents users from making changes to any data in the database.
  2. STANDBY: It Prevents users from making changes to any data maintained by Data Guard SQL Apply
  3. NONE: If we provide Guard none then it provides normal security a user which have access to objects can change data in that.

To check Guard_status use following query.

SQL> select guard_status from v$database;


Consideration :

1. The Data Guard level is automatically set to ALL by the broker on the logical standby database.

2. Database Guard level applies to all users except SYS user.

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