A lead CDB is the central location for monitoring and managing the CDBs in the fleet. A CDB fleet provides the database infrastructure for scalability and centralized management of many CDBs.

Designate one CDB in the fleet to be the lead CDB by setting its LEAD_CDB database property to TRUE. The other CDBs in the fleet point to the lead CDB by setting the LEAD_CDB_URI database property. After you configure the CDB fleet, PDB information from the various CDBs is synchronized with the lead CDB. All PDBs in the CDBs are now “visible” in the lead CDB, enabling you to access the PDBs in the fleet as a single, logical CDB from the lead CDB.

The following figure shows a CDB fleet consisting of CDB1, CDB2, and CDB3. The lead CDB is CDB1. CDB2_hrpdb, which resides in CDB2, is visible in CDB1. CDB3_hrpdb, which resides in CDB3, is also visible in CDB1.


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In this example, we are using 2 CDBs


Setting the Lead CDB in a CDB Fleet

Login to CDB18C and make it as LEAD CDB.

Let’s Check the count of PDBs in CDB18C till now.

Now login to another CDB i.e NEWCDB and create a database link and also set the LEAD_CDB_URI.

Let’s Check again the PDBs in CDB18C now.

As we PDB18CFLEET from NEWCDB container is visible in LEAD CDB i.e CDB18C.

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