Database 18c Patch

As of the Release date (16-Jan-2019), the only Oracle Database 18 software that is available is 18.1.0 for on-premise Exadata. Then afterwards, it was available for on-premise as well.

More Info: Database 18 Proactive Patch Information (Doc ID 2369376.1)

OPatch Utility Information

You must use the OPatch utility version or later to apply this patch. Oracle recommends that you use the latest released OPatch version for 12.2, which is available for download from My Oracle Support patch 6880880 by selecting the release.

Patch Information

R18 Database Release Update Jan 2019 patches are cumulative. That is, the content of all previous Database bundles is included in the latest Database bundle patch.

To install the Database Release Update Jan 2019 patch, the Grid home must have the 18.1 Database installed.

Checking the Production Version

Run OPatch Conflict Check for Database Home

To Report the patch

Now apply the patch only the Database home

List all patches applied and Let’s connect to Sqlplus, as we see now version check the

So, as we see it’s very simple approach to upgrading the version by applying the patch.

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