In this post, we will export and import the database link with data pump in Oracle 18c. In next post, we will demonstrate to prevent the passwords of database link using keystores.

First, we created the user for testing purpose.

Now, we connected to the new user and created one dummy table with some data.

Further, we connect to another user and created & tested the database link working.

Next step, to take an export with the help of data pump.

Now, again connected to the system user and dropped the database link.

A final step to run the import which recreates the database link.

Checking database link has created and working fine or not

In the next article, we use keystore to protect the obfuscated password for the database link.

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  1. Nishant Baurai

    when we use include=db_link we just export the db links, but in your example it looks like you exported the whole system schema just for a DB link.

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