Oracle Data Pump, Export, and Import

  1. The Data Pump Import DATA_OPTIONS parameter has a new CONTINUE_LOAD_ON_FORMAT_ERROR option. If Data Pump encounters a stream format error when loading table data, Data Pump attempts to skip forward to find the start of the next row and continue loading that data from that location.
  2. For security purposes, Data Pump handles fixed user database links with passwords differently.
  3. Starting with Oracle Database 18c, you can include the unified audit trail in either full or partial export and import operations using Oracle Data Pump.
  4. As of Oracle Database 18c, XML_CLOB option of the Export DATA_OPTIONS parameter is desupported.


Default: There is no default. If this parameter is not used, then the special data handling options it provides simply do not take effect.


The DATA_OPTIONS parameter designates how certain types of data should be handled during export operations.

Syntax and Description


GROUP_PARTITION_TABLE_DATA — tells Data Pump to unload all table data in one operation rather than unload each table partition as a separate operation. As a result, the definition of the table will not matter at import time because Import will see one partition of data that will be loaded into the entire table.

VERIFY_STREAM_FORMAT — validates the format of a data stream before it is written to the Data Pump dump file. The verification checks for a valid format for the stream after it is generated but before it is written to disk. This assures that there are no errors when the dump file is created, which in turn helps to assure that there will not be errors when the stream is read at import time.


The Export DATA_OPTIONS parameter requires the job version to be set to 11.0.0 or later


This example shows an export operation in which data for all partitions of a table are unloaded together instead of the default behavior of unloading the data for each partition separately.


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