This article was written by Skant Gupta and Joel Perez in Oracle OTN.

Hi everyone

If you are reading this article could be for several reasons..:

1.- Perhaps you have asked me or asked to my colleague Skant Gupta the typical question “How to become OCP & OCM Cloud?”
2.- Perhaps you have found this publication in any of social medias we manage
3.- Or simply you are interested in this subject and you have found this article using google.. etc

Whatever could be the reason.. we are available to give you a brief and effective information about how to get it.

The first Cloud Database Certification was in the market around 4 years ago, I achieved it at the 2013, the name of it was:

“Oracle Certified Professional, Database Cloud Administrator”

You can see it here:


If you want to read rest to the article, go across this link : How to become OCP & OCM Cloud!!

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