Oracle DBaaS Monitor provides monitoring and management of the Oracle database and listener on Oracle Database Cloud Service.

DBaaS Monitor provides quick and easy access to a variety of information about the database instance running on a database deployment:

  • Overall, how much storage is allocated to tablespaces, and how much of that storage is used
  • For each tablespace, how much storage is allocated and how much of that storage is used, with additional drill-down capabilities to view segments
  • A real-time graph showing wait events across several selectable categories
  • The alert log, with log searching capabilities
  • A list of open user sessions, with drill-down capabilities to view session details such as the last SQL statement, explain plan, waits, contention, and so on
  • A list of initialization parameters, with the ability to change parameter values, both in memory and in the SPFILE.
  • Indication of whether certain database options are enabled
  • Monitoring of current and past SQL Developer PDB uploads
  • A list of the SQL statements that are being monitored in the database, with real time display of details such as the status, duration, degree of parallelism, and so on

You can use DBaaS Monitor to view information about the compute node:

  • CPU utilization information in an interactive table format, with automatic refresh intervals
  • OS process information, with filtering and automatic refresh capabilities

DBaaS Monitor also provides the following management capabilities:

  • Start up and shut down the database instance
  • Open and close a pluggable database
  • Create and drop a pluggable database
  • Plug in and unplug a pluggable database
  • Clone a pluggable database
  • Start and stop the listener

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