Database Design is the most important part of the IT project. This is the second post regarding Database Design. Normally we just think about software and some basic terms of hardware while we think about the database. Now let’s have deep look at Hardware Requirements. This post explains the technical terms which must keep in mind while we decide to design database.

Hardware Requirements

As we know Computer hardware refers to the physical parts of a computer and related devices. Internal hardware devices include motherboards, hard drives, and RAM. External hardware devices include monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, and scanners.

The internal hardware parts of a computer are often referred to as components, while external hardware devices are usually called peripherals.

General Specifications
The database server will be used as a web server and database server for a regional project with its central office located in Belize. A tower chassis has been chosen to accommodate an internal LTO tape drive. This server will be connected via the Internet to another server located in Belmopan, Belize. Both servers will have the same hardware and software configuration. The manufacturer of any software included with the hardware must be a reputable and globally recognized manufacturer of that class of software. The Manufacturer of the proposed equipment must be a reputable and globally recognized manufacturer of microcomputer hardware. Absolutely no clones will be considered. The equipment vendor must be an authorized dealer of the proposed equipment and software preferably with an office in each country where equipment is to be located.
Detailed Technical Specifications
The server should meet the following detailed specification. These specifications were determined based on the size of the database, the number of users, and the life expectancy of the project. Based on monetary considerations it is not expected that the
server will be replaced for at least 5 years.

NOTE:- This post is a simple idea for any project. The parameters can be changed according to company’s terms and conditions.

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