Flashback Database is a very powerful feature offered by Oracle. We can enable flashback in CDB same way we are doing in the non-cdb database.

Enable Flashback Database in CDB :

Step 1 : Check flashback_on from v$database

Step 2: Set flashback retention target

Step 3: Enable flashback database

Step 4: Check flashback_on from v$database

Flashback Operation on CDB and PDB : 

CDB Flashback: To flashback cdb root we need to flashback entire CDB. We can not flashback cdb root without flashing back entire CDB.

PDB Flashback: All datafiles belonging to a PDB can be flashed back and recovered in-place. All undo application that is needed to make a PDB consistent after flashback is applied in-place. After a PDB flashback operation, the old backup of the PDB is still valid.

Flashback Pluggable Database 

Step 1 : Close pluggable database

Step 2 : Flashback pluggable database

Step 3 : Open pluggable database pdb1 in resetlogs

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