The validating database is one part of the DBA job. Most DBAs wants to check the database’s health pro-actively regularly during non-peak hours.

Validating Database checks the following things :

1. It scans specified files and their contents.

2. It confirms that specified files exist and they are at the correct location.

3. It checks for corrupt data blocks.

So now let us see how we can validate database in Multi-Tenant environment.

We may want to validate whole CDB, just a CDB root or pluggable databases.

When we are connected to the CDB database in RMAN following will work

Validate Database will validate the whole database including cdb root and all pluggable database.

Validate Database Root will just validate the cdb root and not any pluggable database.

Now, to validate the pluggable database we can do the following

Step 1: Connect to RMAN with CDB$ROOT

Step 2: Validate using Validate Pluggable Database

In the above step, I have validated 2 pluggable databases.

When you are connected with pdb in RMAN you can apply to validate database to validate pdb.

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