In alert log I got an issue ORA-00245: control file backup failed; target is likely on a local file system. Regarding this issue, I checked the snapshot control file location on rman prompt and observed that it was on local file system. In RAC environment, Snapshot control file backup location should be on a shared disk group so that it can be visible or accessible to all RAC nodes.
Check the configured snapshot controlfile default location.

Here you can see that controlfile is on a local file system, so to fix this issue configure it to a shared location.

To Configure the snapshot controlfile to a shared disk

Connect to target database, and issue the following command on RMAN prompt.

Let us take an example,

Due to the changes made to the controlfile backup mechanism any instances in the cluster may write to the backup controlfile when making changes to the current controlfile. Therefore, the backup file needs to be visible to all instances.

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