As a DBA we must have heard about Partitioned tables or Partitioned index in our tenure or may be we have used it at some extent.Here in this post we will see what is Partitioning and what benefits it brings.

The first question that arises is What is Partitioning ? Partitioning means dividing your large table into smaller and more manageable pieces.  

Here you can see in above diagram , SALES table traditionally stores all the data starting from JAN to MARCH  while on other side there are three partitions available for JAN,FEB ,MARCH respectively.So , based on type of partition you select oracle creates small more manageable pieces.

Now lets see what are the advantages of creating Partitioned Tables.

1. Oracle table partitioning feature provides excellent benefits when it comes to manageability , availability and performance of data. For instance , data retrieval from partitioned table is way too faster than from traditional table as each partition is created as a segment.

2.Oracle Database administration task are simplified . For instance , to perform some DML operation or DDL DBA doesn’t need to consider the whole table. Truncating one or two partition can work greatly in some situations.

3.It is key tool to handle multi terabytes of data by subdividing it into smaller pieces.

4.Large tables in the database are most vulnerable objects. If any disk related problem occurs , data can be 100% lost . In such situation , table partitioning can help you.


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