Read-Only partitions are of benefits

1.When you are working in Data-Warehouse environment there must be many partitions which are not updated frequently you can add those partitions to read-only state and then add those partitions to read-only tablespace. These read-only tablespace can help you take your RMAN backup faster as read-only tablespace can be avoided to be backed up in incremental backups.

2.By putting partitions to read-only state you can perform maintenance activity.

3.You can put partition or subpartition in read only state.

4.You can manage table partitions effectively as per there use using this option.

Now , how to create read-only partitions and check if they are in read only state or not.

1.Create table with read-only partitions

2.Let’s check in USER_TAB_PARTITIONS view if partitions are created in read only state

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