The “sosreport” is a tool to collect troubleshooting data on an Oracle Linux system. It generates a compressed tarball of debugging information that gives an overview of the most important logs and configuration of a Linux system, to be sent to Oracle Support.

Among other things, the sosreport includes information about the installed rpm versions, syslog, network configuration, mounted filesystems, disk partition details, loaded kernel modules and status of all services

It has a plugin-based architecture that enables features to be enabled or disabled, and additional functionality added.

To create the sosreport can be as simple as running the command in a terminal, without arguments, as root:

On completion, a bzip2-compressed tarball will be created in /tmp (/var/tmp on Oracle Linux 7), along with a file containing the md5sum so that the file’s integrity can be verified by the support representative. The filename will be printed to the terminal:

To get more parameter for sosreport

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