Oracle split partition feature allows you to split partition which are already created. We can take benefit of this feature when in specific partition lots of records are inserted and its tough to maintain it individually.

In this post we will see how can we partition different types of partition.

1.Splitting a partition of range-partitioned table

2.Split partition of list-partitioned table 

3.Splitting partition of interval partitioned table 

4.Splitting *-hash partitioned table

Here I took example of range-hash partition.

5.Splitting partition of *-range partitioned table 

Split partition of *-list partitioned table :

7.Split Index partition 

Just like table partition we can split global index partition.

Note : We can not split local index partition , to split local index partition , associated table partition must be split.

8.Split into multiple partitions 

With Split partition operation we can even split single partition into multiple partitions.

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