In previous article we added the grid home in third home (i.e rac3): Click Here

Now we are going to extend the database home in 3rd home.

From an existing node i.e rac1 – as the database software owner – run the following command to extend the Oracle database software to the new node “rac3

Now run on rac3 node

Post Installation steps

From a node with an existing instance of “orcl” issue the following commands to create the needed public log thread, undo tablespace, and “init.ora” entries for the new instance

From RAC1 node

Update Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR)
The OCR will be updated to account for a new instance – “orcl3” – being added to the “orcl” cluster database. Add “orcl3” instance to the “orcl” database and verify

Start the Instance
Now that all the prerequisites have been satisfied and OCR updated, the “orcl3” instance will be started. Start the newly created instance – “orcl3” – and verify

So we can add database home successfully to 3rd node. In the next we can show how to delete the instance in rac.




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