To convert RAC to Non-RAC DB on normal file system we need to first convert it into ASM storage

Converting RAC db to Non-RAC db

In this article we will see conversion database from ASM to Normal File System :

Step 1 : Check details of ASM database and create pfile from spfile :

Step 2 : Change control_file parameter to destination you want on your normal FS.

Step 3 : Create spfile from pfile and start database in nomount stage :

Here we can see control_file parameter is changed to normal FS destination.

Step 4 : connect to RMAN and restore controlfile from controlfile located at ASM storage.

Step 5 : Alter database to mount stage :

Step 5 : Take RMAN database backup as copy backup :

Step 6 : With RMAN session switch database to copy backup we have taken.

Step 7 : Set newname for tempfile using following script :

Step 8 : Open database from sqlplus session :

Now , lets work on redo logfiles :

Step 9 : Add redo logs to new destination :

Step 10 : Check status of Redo logs if it is not in current status drop it .

Step 11 : We can see here group 2 is in current status , so we need to do checkpointing and archiving process.

Step 12 : Drop redo log of group 2 :

We can see here , database is fully converted to Normal File System .

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