Today we are going to have look at the Database growth. With the help of the given query. DBA can find the monthly growth of there database. Sometimes little information is too much useful.





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  1. Jasdeep Kaur

    select min(creation_time) “Create Time”,, round(sum(df.bytes)/1024/1024) curr_size_mb,
    round( (sum(df.bytes)/1024/1024)/round(sysdate-min(creation_time)),1) growth_per_day,
    round( (sum(df.bytes)/1024/1024)/round(sysdate-min(creation_time)) * 7,1) growth_7_days
    from v$datafile df ,v$tablespace ts where df.ts#=ts.ts# group by df.ts#, order by df.ts#;

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