We are going to learn about the steps which we will use for schedule rman backup in windows. Most probably Organisations use Linux and Unix OS as per there requirements but sometimes as per company’s requirements, we have to use windows. Here we are going to have look at the process of schedule rman backup in windows.


Let’s have look at it.

–rman.cmd need to schedule only this which call another script.

set oracle_sid=orcl
rman target sys/passwd nocatalog cmdfile=’d:\oracle\rman\dbrman.cmd’ log=’d:\oracle\rman\bk_log_1.log’


allocate channel d1 type disk;
tag whole_database_open
format ‘d:\oracle\archive\db_%t_%s_p%p’
sql ‘alter database switch logfile’;
sql ‘alter database switch logfile’;
backup arch_1ivelog all
format ‘d:\oracle\archive\al_%t_%s_p%p’
delete all input;
delete noprompt obsolete;
backup current controlfile
tag =cf1
format ‘d:\oracle\archive\cf_%t_%s_p%p’;

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