Backup the Control File

We can set CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP on to make a backup of control file every time we take backup using RMAN. But today we will see how we can manually make a backup of controlfile. Step 1: Login to SQL prompt of database

Step 2: Take a backup using the backup controlfile command

Step […]

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Configuring setting in RMAN

Recovery Manager [RMAN] is a very powerful tool when it comes to Backup, Restore or recovering your database. Today we will see Configuration of RMAN and how we can set them. Let’s start from scratch. 1: Connecting to RMAN To connect with rman we need to specify a target database name, username and password.


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Performing Initial Load in Oracle Golden Gate

Oracle Golden Gate method for initial load  : 1.File to Replicat: Here, extract writes to trail file in canonical format and is replicated via SQL. 2.File to Database Utility: Here, extract writes to a formatted text file and is replicated via database utility. 3.Direct Load: Direct load replicat directly to the target server. 4.Direct Bulk […]

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Commit Sequence Number in Golden Gate

Commit Sequence Number [CSN] We know that all database management system maintains some kind of unique auto incremental number of its own at the completion of each transaction like we have SCN number in Oracle database. With that number, we can uniquely identify that transaction. With reference to the above description, We can say that […]

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Golden Gate Process Group

In previous article we have seen components or oracle golden gate . Oracle Golden Gate Components Today , we will see Process Groups in Oracle Golden Gate . We may have a different level of replication running in our environment like consolidating topology of oracle golden gate where we are having multiple replicate processor having […]

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Editing Configuration Parameters

With my previous articles on Golden Gate, you must have got idea Golden Gate configuration is done with its parameter files for each process. Architecture of Extract Trails and Files Today we will see configuring parameters in more detail. Oracle Golden Gate uses two types of parameter files. Parameter files [run time]: Parameters which are […]

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Using GGSCI [Golden Gate Software Command Interface ]

GGSCI stands for Golden Gate Software Command Interface. YES..! It is a command interface that executes Oracle golden gate commands. To work with GGSCI interface first go to your Golden Gate installation directory

Now, open ggsci prompt using ./ggsci command :

We can see here , it gives an error saying “error while […]

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Encryption in Oracle Golden Gate

We can use Oracle Golden Gate encryption at 3 levels. Message File Database Password Message The transmission over TCP/IP network is encrypted. Data is automatically decrypted by server process before saving the data to trail files at replicat server. AES128, AES192,AES256 is used for encryption and decryption. Step 1: Generate a key using keygen utility […]

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./ggsci: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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Oracle Golden Gate Microservice Architecture Installation

In Previous article we have seen detail of components of Oracle Golden Gate Microservice Architecture. Oracle Golden Gate Microservice Architecture Components In this article we will see installation of Oracle Golden Gate Microservice and create one deployment using oggca. You can download Oracle Golden Gate Microservices for oracle from After downloading upload setup on your […]

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