We can use Oracle Golden Gate encryption at 3 levels.

  • Message
  • File
  • Database Password

  1. Message

The transmission over TCP/IP network is encrypted.

Data is automatically decrypted by server process before saving the data to trail files at replicat server.

AES128, AES192,AES256 is used for encryption and decryption.

Step 1: Generate a key using keygen utility installed under Golden Gate installation directory

Note: We have created a key with 128 bit, so we need to use AES128 with ENCRYPT clause in Extract and Replicat file.

Step 2: Create a file with name ENCKEYS under Golden Gate installation directory and save above-generated keys with keyname and value pair :

Step 3: Copy this ENCKEYS file to the target destination.

Step 4: Edit your extract file and add ENCRYPT AES128 and keyname you want to use which you already assigned in ENCKEYS file

Step 5: Start extract

Step 6: Check info all command to check your extract is running

Step 7: Start the static collector process in target server with ENCRYPT clause

2. Trail or Extract File Encryption

Step 1: Use EncryptTrail command in extract file to encrypt ext trail file

Note: ENCKEYS file must be copied to the target server.

Step 2: Start the extract process

Step 3: Edit the replicat process and add a decrypttrail  clause

Step 4: Start the replicat process

Step 5: check with info all command

3.  Password Encryption

Step 1: Encrypt password using AES128 and key1 specified in ENCKEYS file

Step 2: Use this password in you extract the file

Step 3: Start extract

Step 4: Check extract status

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