Oracle Golden Gate method for initial load  :

1.File to Replicat: Here, extract writes to trail file in canonical format and is replicated via SQL.

2.File to Database Utility: Here, extract writes to a formatted text file and is replicated via database utility.

3.Direct Load: Direct load replicat directly to the target server.

4.Direct Bulk Load: It also replicat directly to the target server using SQL Loader API.

Today we will see the first method for Initial Load using File to Replicat ;

Assumptions :

1. Oracle Database is already installed on the Source and Target server.

2. Oracle Golden Gate Software is already installed on both the Source and the Target server.

3. Both servers have connectivity for 7809 manager port.

Step 1: Login to ./ggsci prompt of Oracle Golden Gate

Step 2: Add extract file at the source

Step 3: You can check and record database scn at this time so you can start your replicat from this point

Note: You must start your replication extract before you start you initial load extract and after initial load extract finishes its works you can start replicat which is created for normal replication and not for the initial load with this SCN number.

Step 4: Now go to OS prompts of $GG_HOME directory and apply the following command

Step 5: Check .rpt file

It shows it has recorded 4 inserts in TEST table and 3 inserts in TT table.

Step 6: Add replicat in the Target server

Step 7: Now go to os prompt of $GG_HOME directory and run following command

Step 8: Check report file

We can see here , 4 records are inserted in TEST table and 3 records are inserted in the TT table by replicat table.

Let’s check in the table that these records are actually inserted.

The initial load is successfully completed..!!!

Now you can start your replicat with above recorded SCN number.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.

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