GGSCI stands for Golden Gate Software Command Interface. YES..! It is a command interface that executes Oracle golden gate commands.

To work with GGSCI interface first go to your Golden Gate installation directory

Now, open ggsci prompt using ./ggsci command :

We can see here , it gives an error saying “error while loading shared libraries”

So we need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable .

Now try to login through ggsci.

We can see here error is gone and I got ggsci prompt.

You can get any help regarding Golden Gate commands with help command :

To get help of specific command you can apply help command with that specific command

For example :

You will find all the details regarding your command with examples.

Let us see some examples of ggsci commands :

1. Let’s try adding an extract file :

2. “!” the sign is used to repeat any command we have applied previously

We have already added extract so it gives me an error when I used ! sign as it repeats the command previously given.

3. Stopping and Starting manager of Golden Gate

4. Get details of specific extract group

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