spool CSV in Oracle 12.2

Now we can spool spool CSV or JSON from Oracle Database. Prior to 12.2 , we can spool as text or html, but from 12.2 onward, the SET MARKUP command now has a CSV option to output data in CSV format. Syntax CSV {ON|OFF} [DELIMI[TER] character] [QUOTE {ON|OFF}] Traditionally you wiill get formatted output (without […]

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Oracle Database 12cR2 (12.2) On-Prem

Finally Oracle Database 12cR2 (12.2) On-Prem is available. Previously it was available only on cloud services. You can download it from eDelivery or OTN. Good Thing is that , now only zip file for Database Home as well as Grid Home. Prior to 12.2, There are 2 zip files for each of them. We can […]

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SQL*Plus History In Oracle 12.2

In Oracle 12.2, SQL*Plus can keep the history of the commands executed. You can enable or disable the HISTORY command in the current SQL*Plus session by using the SET HISTORY command. The history feature is not enabled by default, so after you start SQL*Plus, you need to enable history by running “set hist[ory] on”


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VARIABLE In Oracle 12.2

    You may use SQL*Plus to test queries with bind variables. Here is what you do before 12.2:

You can now simply:

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