Converting RAC DB to Non-RAC on Normal File System

To convert RAC to Non-RAC DB on normal file system we need to first convert it into ASM storage Converting RAC db to Non-RAC db In this article we will see conversion database from ASM to Normal File System : Step 1 : Check details of ASM database and create pfile from spfile :


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Converting RAC db to Non-RAC db

In previous Articles we have seen conversion from Single Instance DB to RAC db using various methods.In this Article we will see conversion of RAC to Normal DB[Single Instance]. Prerequisites : RAC Instance Node RAC Node Name RAC DB Name RAC Instance Name  Single Instance DB name Node 1 RAC1 test db1 test Node 2 […]

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Basic on Administrator Managed and Policy Managed Database in Oracle Rac

There are two methods to manage your cluster database. Administrator Managed database Policy Managed Database Administrator Managed Database : In Administrator Managed database , a DBA manages each instance of the database by defining specific instances to run on specific nodes in the cluster.It is traditional way of cluster management. Policy Managed Database : It’s […]

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Convert Single Instance Database to Oracle RAC

In this post, we can perform Convert Single Instance Database to Oracle RAC in Oracle 11gR2. Prerequisites: we already have single instance ASM database up and running. we have already have second node with ASM running. If you want to how to convert non asm database to asm database with duplicate command: Click Here RAC […]

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Convert Non ASM database to ASM Database using Duplicate Database command

You can use these steps to migrate a NON-ASM database to ASM database in Oracle 11gR2. Prerequisite – ASM instance should be created and up and running. Single Instance Non ASM DB name Single Instance ASM DB name test testdb Step 1 : Check details of Single Instance Database :

Optionally, we can check size […]

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Relink Oracle 12c Grid Infrastructure and RDBMS binaries.

In order to relink the Oracle Grid Infrastructure RAC/Cluster Installation, please follow the next steps after stopping all the services running: 1) As root OS user, please unlock the Grid Infrastructure Oracle Home (on every node) as follows:

2) As the Oracle Grid Infrastructure owner (on every node) relink the Grid Infrastructure Oracle Home […]

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Patch 27107360 – Oracle Grid Infrastructure PSU

Patch Information GI PSUs are cumulative and include the Database PSU and associated CPU program security content. This is Jan 2018 PSU having Patch number 27107360 for 11gR2. OPatch Utility Information You must use the OPatch utility version or later to apply this patch. Oracle recommends that you use the latest released OPatch version for 11.2 […]

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CRS-2101:The OLR was formatted using version 3

Got this while trying to install RAC on Redhat Linux 7.3. fails with a message like

This is bug 18370031. Need to apply the patch before running Install of Clusterware fails while running on OL7 – ohasd fails to start (Doc ID 1959008.1)

Execute the script once you applied the patch.

Thank […]

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Fast Application Notification[FAN] Benefits :

For DBA, if a database is up and running, everything seems beautiful..!! But once a state change happens in a database, we don’t know will it take 2 min to overcome it or it will eat our infinite time. When we talk about Oracle RAC, we know there are multiple resources are available to give […]

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Converting an Administrator-Managed Database to a Policy-Managed Database

In this article, We can convert Administrator managed database to Policy managed database : First of all, let’s check the configuration of the database :

In above output, we can see the last line shows us my demo database is an administrator-managed database. Now next we need to create a server pool.

In […]

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