In this article we will see the Manager Process of Golden Gate, parameters that we can set using the manager process, starting and stopping manager process.

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Preparing Environment for Oracle Golden Gate Extract and Replication Part – I


Preparing Environment for Oracle Golden Gate Extract and Replication Part – ||

Manager Process: It is the main control process of Golden Gate, the manager process must be running on both the extract and replicat server whenever we want to start any of them.

We can check manager process is running or not using info mgr command 

GGSCI (extserver) 5> info mgr

Manager is DOWN!

GGSCI (extserver) 6> info manager

Manager is DOWN!

GGSCI (extserver) 7>

We can see here the manager is down.

We can set manager configuration parameters in mgr.prm file under gg_home/dirprm/ directory.

The task of the Manager Process 

  1. Starting server collector process
  2. It reports critical and informational information to a ggserr.log file.
  3. Threshold reporting when extract falls behind the transaction logs.
  4. We can set parameters to purge old trail files.

Lets set the manager process with some parameters.

GGSCI (extserver) 1> edit params mgr
Port 7809
PurgeOldExtracts /u02/ggate/dirdat/sb*, UseCheckpoints
PurgeOldExtracts /u02/ggate/dirdat/xy*, UseCheckpoints , & 
MinKeepDays 3

Autostart ext_p *
AutoResstart Extract * , WaitMinutes 3 , Retries 5

Let us understand each parameter in detail :

This parameter file of Manager listens on port number 7809. Manager process will delete Oracle GoldenGatetrail files which matches /u02/ggate/dirdat/sb* and /u02/ggate/dirdat/xy* after extract and replicat process is completed on that trail file, however, xy* trails will not be purged until there has been no activity for 3 days.

Manager process will automatically start any extract and replicat process at startup and will attempt to restart any extract process that abends after 3 wait minutes but only up to attempts.

To Start Manager Process :

GGSCI (extserver) 7> Start mgr
Manager started.

To Stop Manager :

GGSCI (extserver) 8> Stop mgr

Sending STOP request to MANAGER ...
Request processed.
Manager stopped.

GGSCI (extserver) 9>

In the next article, we will see change capture and change delivery.

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