The logdump utility is used to access the Golden Gate trail file. The logdump utility is used to display or search for information that is stored in extract trail or extract files. We can even save part or a portion of the trail file into some other files.

To start or to open logdump prompt

Step 1: Go to Golden Gate installation directory

Step 2: Open logdump binary file

Steps to Read or Open Trail file :

Step 1: Connect to logdump utility

Step 2: Open trail file

Step 3: Setting up parameters to view the trail properly.

To view trail file header

To control how much record data is displayed

To view detail

Step 4: Viewing trail file header

Step 5: Specify n

We can view all records using the next keyword

We can see in the above output , record header information like I/O type, transaction information.

We can see above, Operation was performed on HR.ABC table on timestamp : 2018/10/10 03:36:55.457.217 .

Operation done was insert. We can length of the record , relative byte address [rba] in golden gate trail file for operation.

We can count no of the transaction using count function in logdump utility.

We can save some records to a new trail file :

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