Till date we have seen all articles on Golden Gate with classic architecture and worked on golden gate software command line interface[ggsci] prompt. With Oracle Golden Gate 12C release 2 [12.3] a new architecture came into picture that is Oracle Golden Gate Microservice Architecture.

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Let us see each component in detail :

Service Manager :

Once we complete installation of Oracle Golden Gate Microservice Architecture , we must then create a deployment where we can configure service manager. A single service manager instance can work for multiple deployment.

While configuring deployment using oggca we assign port number to service manager process generally 9001. We can connect service manager using http://localhost[ip]:9001 and then it will ask us for username and password .

With this process you will able to view and manage all deployment and associated servers with your deployment.

Admin Server  :

We can configure extract , replicat , credential store from Administration Server. We can add new extract , replicat from here and we can see if there are any critical events in replication or extract process means it also works like a manager in classic architecture.

Distribution Server :

Distribution Server works like a data pump extract in classic architecture. We can configure each option we can configure in a command line of data pump extract like source extract trail path , target server and path details. We can adjust trail file size etc. And all these things we can do with a GUI . From Distribution Server option we can check from where trail file is being read from and written to. To connect distribution server http://localhost[ip]:9003[port].

Receiver Server : 

In replacement of collector process at target server we have Receiver Server in Microservice Architecture. The task of Receiver Server is to collect trail files from Distribution Server and write out to remote trail files. We can always see overview of this service and can see which trail file it is writing to and which information is written.

and at last ,

Performance Metrics Server :

Oracle Golden Gate came with a new Performance Monitoring service in this architecture . We can monitor real-time performance. We can see much information regarding performance using this option.

Note : We must purchase a license of the Oracle Managment Pack for GoldenGate before you can use the GUI or associated metric APIs.

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