Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Credentials are required to connect to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

  • On the Jenkins Server console, click Manage Jenkins, and Configure System.

  • Scroll Down to the end of page under Cloud section, click Add a new cloud and select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute.

  • In Name provide any name & Credentials, click Add and select Jenkins

  • In Add Credentials Screen, select “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Credentials”.
    • Fingerprint – The Fingerprint for the key pair being used.
    • API Key – The OCI API Signing Private Key.
    • PassPhrase – The PassPhrase for the key pair being used.
    • Tenant Id – The Tenant OCID.
    • User Id – The OCID of the User whose API signing key you are using.
    • Region – The OCI region to use for all OCI API requests.
    • ID – An internal unique ID by which these credentials are identified from jobs and other configuration.

  • Click Test Connection to confirm that the details are correct.

Finally, we are able to connect with OCI. In the next post, we can create. manage & delete Jenkins Slave Instance on OCI.

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